About Us

To view all the products posted on our website you can visit one of four Bathroom Galleries’ showroom, and you’ll immediately be struck by the breathtaking original design. Wander around, and you’ll notice the European craftsmanship. Even the way products are displayed, surrounded by tiles and accessories, has been done to create a visual, in-home reference for you. There’s something very different going on here.

John Andrew Lokert, the designer and owner of family-owned and operated Bathroom Galleries, works tirelessly to offer customers, contractors, designers and architects the very best experience, from showroom to purchase and installation. Having spent more than 10 years designing in Europe, John brought his vision to Canada: to create unique bath and kitchen products, inspired by the trends in London, Paris and Milan, but manufactured right here – allowing him to offer you the most affordable prices.

Bathroom Galleries’ knowledgeable staff, many with design and interior decorating backgrounds, will help you choose the perfect product, and ensure you leave with everything you need for installation or renovation. Keep in mind that the display items are always for sale, making prices even more affordable.  

And, if you’d like to own an exclusive, custom-designed piece for your kitchen or bath, our talented designers will work with you to make it happen. Their profound passion for design turns every piece into a work of art.


We invite you to browse around online as you would in the showroom. You can order products both ways.